WordPress Geotrack Plugin (2.0.2)

This is a new updated version (2.0.2) of my WordPress GeoIP and Geo-Tracking / Geo-Location plugin!

I encourage everybody to install this new version because it has some important improvements over the 1.0!



  • Fixed some installation Problems which could cause „white screen“ PHP errors directly after activation

2.0-beta 2-5:

  • many bugfixes
  • plugin checks installation of geo-database (could break your site completely before!)
  • updated referrer-spam blacklist


  • improved overall perfomance! lots of visitors could really slow your website down.
  • new options-page in your wordpress admin, no PHP skills needed any more.
  • new IP blocking of known referrer spammers.
  • new top-10-lists of referrers, visited pages, visitors‘ countries and visitors‘ cities.
  • fixed an installer bug when installing the plugin with non-standard wordpress table prefixes.


  • logs every visit on your wordpress blog in your MySQL database
  • automatic cleanup of logs in your MySQL database
  • contains the same information as Apache combined server logs with ip, referrer, method, status, uri, user agent and access time
  • additionally stores geo-ip information with country, ISO country code, city name, latitude and longitude
  • displays a list of current visitors
  • displays a top-10-list of referrers, visited pages, visitors‘ countries and visitors‘ cities
  • has functionality to prevent referrer spamming
  • ip blocking of known referrer spammers
  • contains a set of free (GNU-GPL / Creative Commons) country flags from Wikipedia
  • Google maps integration: shows your visitors‘ locations on world map
  • fast geoip retrieval through local database
  • contains installer and update scripts
  • uses MaxMind GeoLite City
  • see it in action here
  • and of course it’s free to use!

Download it here!


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Unpack the zip and upload the files into your WordPress plugins directory <your wordpress directory>/wp-content/plugins. It should look like this:
    + plugins
    – + wp_geotrack.php
    – + wp_geotrack
  3. Activate the plugin: Go to your WordPress admin’s plugin page (e.g.
    http://www.example.com/wordpress/wp-admin/plugins.php) and activate the
  4. Get your Google map key: If you want to use the Google map, you will have to get your own map key at:
    (Google Account required)
  5. Configure the plugin: In your wordpress admin go to Options -> WP-Geotrack Plugin
    • on the bottom of the page click „Install/Update MySQL Database Tables“
    • click „Install/Update Geo-IP Database“. This will download and unpack a new copy of the MaxMind geo-database. This will take some time, so please be patient untill it is finished
    • set the plugins options (e.g. Google map key) and click „Update options“

Use the plugin:

You have two options to use the plugin:

1. Create a new page (or post) in WordPress, and enter the following tags into
that page:

  • [wp-geotrack-list]
    will display a list of recent visitors of your blog
  • [wp-geotrack-googlemap]
    will display a Google Map and highlight the recent visitors of you blog
  • [wp-geotrack-topsites]
    will display a list of your most visited pages
  • [wp-geotrack-topreferrers]
    will display a list of referring sites

2. Use the following functions directly in a templatte:

echo wp_geotrack_display();
echo wp_geotrack_googlemap();
echo wp_geotrack_topsites();
echo wp_geotrack_topreferrers();

3. The $_SESSION ist filled with all available user details. E.g. you can use
<?php echo $_SESSION[‚gt_data‘][‚country‘]; ?> to display the user’s country in
your blog.

You can get:

  • country
  • country_code (2-letter ISO code)
  • city
  • latitude
  • longitude
  • uri (the current uri)
  • referrer (if any)

Some more information can be found in the README.txt.

The plugin can also be found in it’s Subversion directory on svn.wp-plugins.org.

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  1. Marco

    Interessant, Du hast besonders viele Fans in Kalifornien. Und wen kennst Du in Florida oder Kansas? Und das ganz besondere Highlight: bist Du in Japan bereits so eine Art Sexsymbol???

    23.05.2006 @ 19:02

  2. Johannes

    Na da sind immer auch einige Bots dabei, die sich nicht als solche zu erkennen geben… (Spammer, Harvester, was auch immer)

    23.05.2006 @ 19:48

  3. Arkadius

    Das du in Spanien Fans hast war ja klar ;-)

    24.05.2006 @ 10:19

  4. Chris

    Cool! Wenn ich jetzt noch wüsste wo Großgründling liegt. Das ist nämlich der Ort an dem ich im Moment gerade sitzen sollte.
    Dabei wollte ich mich gar nicht verstecken und verdeckt operieren …

    24.05.2006 @ 17:54

  5. Johannes

    Großgründling ist angeblich ein Gemeindeteil von Nandlstadt in Bayern!

    Ich denke bei dynamischen IP-Nummern ist das nicht immer ganz einfach zuzuordnen, ich weiß auch nicht, wie weit die Telekom die IP-Nummern regional streut. Die grobe Richtung stimmt aber doch schon mal… :-)

    24.05.2006 @ 18:03

  6. Chris

    Gaaanz grob. Auch Nandlstadt war mir vorher unbekannt.
    Wenigstens kenne ich Freising!

    26.05.2006 @ 11:29

  7. public void blog() » Voll geocodiert

    […] WordPress Geotrack Plugin […]

    28.05.2006 @ 14:53

  8. Christian

    Kennt jemand eine frei verfügbare Methode, deutsche Adressen geocodiert umzurechnen? DDas wär doch was für meine sauerlaender-in-koeln.de Seite…

    28.05.2006 @ 14:57

  9. Timo Ostrowsky

    Die Erweiterung ist super, habe nur ein Problem. Ich selbst werde falsch erkannt. Ich wohne zwischen Saarbrücken und Trier, und ich bekomme Kiel angezeigt! Musse ich noch etwas in den Header setzen?
    Ich benutze Google Analytics, kann diese vorhandenen Daten für die Karte irgendwie übernehmen?

    08.06.2006 @ 06:58

  10. Sepotong Roti … » Blog Archive » Sudah Siap…

    […] Baru pasang plugin baru, Geotrack. Katanya dengan didukung Google Maps, bisa ketahuan malah si visitor tinggal di jalan apa..hehehe.. Nggak tau deh seakurat apa, belum kalo visitornya pake proksih. Kalo mo lihat, silahkan klik aja di atas,  Visitor. […]

    09.06.2006 @ 15:41

  11. Haze

    Hello, this looks like a great plugin. However, I put the files into place, put my google api key in, and pasted the code into a page within my wordpress installation.

    When I activate the plugin, it puts the error message:

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /backup/homeTMP/*****/public_html/content/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack.php on line 166

    on all of my wordpress pages. It does put the map into the page properly, and it functions as a google map, but I visited my site and the visit was not recorded on the map and no others are either.

    When I look at line 166, it is as follows:

    foreach($result as $res) {
    if (count($wp_geotrack_list) == GT_LIST_LENGTH) {

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

    20.06.2006 @ 06:36

  12. David

    The same as Haze for me but my error message is :

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/sdc/8/0/blogodav/wordPress/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack.php on line 166

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks (me too :) ).

    22.06.2006 @ 22:03

  13. Johannes

    Sorry for the late reply – this error has been reported before, but I was really busy in my daytime job, and the weather was too nice… :-)

    Unfortunately I cannot reproduce this error on my server, which makes debugging quite difficult.

    Therefore it would be nice if someone could make a phpinfo (http://de.php.net/manual/de/function.phpinfo.php) available for me, so that I can investigate?

    22.06.2006 @ 22:37

  14. Haze

    sent to your email, thanks.

    23.06.2006 @ 19:31

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    29.06.2006 @ 17:16

  16. flyboy

    Has there been any resolution to Post #11 above.
    I am trying to solve the same problem.

    Any help will be appreciated.

    04.07.2006 @ 07:25

  17. Inu

    Had the same problem than post #11.
    Don\’t know if this helps but for some reason it started to work fine after I re-activated my theme…
    Good plugin though…

    08.07.2006 @ 23:48

  18. Nguasi

    Danke erstmal für dieses Geniale Plugin! Installiert und läuft ohne probleme! Frage: Wie kann ich die Karte einstellen, dass sie sofort im Hybrid modus startet?

    Danke für die Unterstützung und weiter so!

    12.07.2006 @ 11:39

  19. Marco Sascha Sven Hoppe

    Great plugin, although I am also experiencing the same problem as in #11. I have followed the advise of re-enabling my theme and it did work a bit: I do not get the error on my start page any more. But on my GoogleMaps Page I do still get it. Any ideas?

    12.07.2006 @ 21:10

  20. Haze

    I re-enabled my theme and have the post #11 problem is still there, all pages. I also tried it on the default Kubrick theme, and the error is there. Maybe it has something to do with host server permissions, and is affecting some of us but not all of us?

    13.07.2006 @ 00:56

  21. music addict

    Hi Johannes, thanks for a very useful plugin. I installed it today and had the same problem as post #11, but I think I have figured out a reason for the error (in my case, anyway).

    I checked my WordPress database and discovered that Geotrack plugin did not create any tables at all, even though I activated and deactivated the plugin multiple times. Since there were no tables, no data could be stored, so line 166’s $result did not exist. Everyone having the problem described in comment #11, look in your WordPress database and check if there are tables named „wordpress_geotrack“ and „wordpress_geotrack_exclude“ (if your WordPress prefix is „wordpress_“)…

    If the tables are not there, here’s a workaround (until Mr Lietz upgrades the plugin script): First, deactivate the plugin. Then you can run sql queries (I used phpMyAdmin) to create the appropriate tables and insert the appropriate data. Just go through the code in wp_geotrack.php and run the queries from lines 100-116, 118-123, and 125-139 for your database. Replace ".$table_prefix." with whatever your own WordPress prefix is (e.g. wordpress_ or wp_ etc). Then reactivate the plugin.

    After trying this, the errors went away and the geo information displayed correctly. I can’t guarantee that this will work for everyone, but it worked for me. Again, this is just a workaround and not a fix to the actual plugin code (database queries aren’t my specialty, so I’m not sure why the tables aren’t being created — and if the tables were created for you, then this workaround obviously isn’t relevant). But until the fix is released, I hope this helps the people who have been having the same trouble.

    16.07.2006 @ 12:06

  22. Haze

    AHA, that worked! I don’t know sql, so had a friend translate the code in the plugin into the format it should be in MySQL, so it ended up looking like this:

    exclude_id int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,
    str varchar(255) NOT NULL default “,
    PRIMARY KEY (exclude_id),
    UNIQUE KEY str (str)

    I removed all of the extra ‚ marks, and changed TYPE to ENGINE in the last lines.

    Here’s a nice way to MySQL in: http://www.silpstream.com/blog/wp-phpmyadmin/

    thanks, it’s working great now.

    21.07.2006 @ 00:45

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    27.07.2006 @ 07:18

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    28.07.2006 @ 11:37

  25. Henning

    Ich habe mir grade mal deine Einflugschneise nach meinem Besuch angesehen, und kann die Aussagen über ungenaue Adressen nicht teilen.

    Es hat mich nur um etwa 100m verfehlt, und das mitten in Hamburg.

    Vielen Dank für ein nützliches Plugin.
    Gruß Henning

    01.08.2006 @ 17:02

  26. Andi

    Ich habe da ein Problem mit dem Plugin:

    zunächst ging alles wunderbar. Nach dem Update auf Version 2.03 (zumindest kommt es mir so vor) hat mein Blog immer wieder Phasen gehabt, an denen er nicht korrekt geladen wurde. Nur die Sidebar war da, und die Überschrift des ersten Eintrags. Nachdem ich das geotrack-Plugin jetzt abgeschaltet habe scheint es momentan normal zu laufen. Woran kann das liegen? Irgendeine Idee? Zuviele logs, die mir irgendweas zumüllen? Ich liebe das PLugin aber so hats keinen Sinn.

    01.08.2006 @ 23:07

  27. Johannes

    Du kannst mal den Parameter „GT_AUTO_CLEANUP_DAYS“ heruntersetzen, das Plugin löscht automatisch alle Einträge aus den Logs, die älter als x Tage sind. Wenn es danach immer noch nicht schneller wird, wird das ein anderes Problem sein…

    01.08.2006 @ 23:28

  28. Eugen

    Ich suche nützliche Plugins für meinen Blog und dieser scheint zu paasen :)

    02.08.2006 @ 23:05

  29. Andi

    so ich habe jetzt mal die angezeigten Besucher auf 50 gesetzt und die Logs auf 10 Tage. bin mal gespannt…auf den ersten Blick scheint es momentan jedenfalls zu gehen. Sehr schön :) Wenn jemand übrigens sonst noch schön anzusehende Spielereien hat die ich einbauen könnte, immer raus damit per Mail oder comment in meinem Blog – ich bin momentan im Bastelfieber *g*

    04.08.2006 @ 03:44

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    08.08.2006 @ 08:04

  31. Chris

    Diesmal sitze ich in laut Software in Bochum und damit nur knapp 600 km vom vor mir leuchtenden Monitor entfernt. Ist Version 2 damit wirklich besser geworden?

    10.08.2006 @ 11:57

  32. Johannes

    Nee, an der Zielgenauigkeit läßt sich auch nicht mehr viel verbessern, es sei denn, man benutzt kommerzielle Geo-IP-Datenbanken, die sind dann noch genauer/aktueller. Unter http://www.dnsstuff.com/ habe ich z.B. gerade mal deine IP eingegeben („City From IP“), und da kam der korrekte Ort heraus.

    Das hängt halt immer noch an den dynamischen IP-Adressen, und die Lokalisierung und Aktualisierung der Datenbank erfolgt immer nur monatlich und nicht in Echtzeit wenn du die Seite aufrufst…

    10.08.2006 @ 12:23

  33. Scott

    I haven’t had any luck getting this to work in WP 2.0.4

    When I activate it everything goes blank and nothign works. I have to rename the plugin to get it my blog back.

    Any ideas?

    20.08.2006 @ 10:44

  34. Johannes

    Scott, this might be a PHP compile error or something similar.

    Are you a bit familiar with PHP? You should set

    ini_set(‚error_reporting‘, E_ALL);
    ini_set(‚display_errors‘, true);

    in your wordpress/index.php, or

    error_reporting = E_ALL
    display_errors = On

    in your php.ini. This should reveal the cause of the error.


    20.08.2006 @ 15:34

  35. agas

    greaat plugin, my country + city displayed correctly :)

    20.08.2006 @ 17:59

  36. Ed

    Not having much luck with this plugin tonight. I can’t see to get the google map to show up. Can you have a look here please.


    Also, when creating the google map key what directory should it be submitted for since the API key only works from a single direclty. Should it be the root off the blog or to another folder,maybe the plugins folder? I have my key to my root: http://www.husar.us/blog/

    Also, I have confirmed that I have 3 geotrack tables. They as follows…


    I am getting the following error….

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /Library/WebServer/Documents/blog/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack.php on line 383

    Any help would be much appreciated.



    22.08.2006 @ 07:52

  37. Ed

    Update: I have isolated the foreach() error. This only happens when using the [wp-geotrack-topreferrers]. I don’t really need to use that so it is not an issue for me.

    What I do need help with is seeing why the google map is not showing. Maybe it is because no one has hit the page other than me and it records a 192 ip address for me.

    So plese hit the site and see if you hany suggestions on the getting the map to show.



    22.08.2006 @ 08:06

  38. Johannes

    Ed, looks like you got it working, I can see the map… :-)

    For your information: I think it’s useful to register the google key for the complete domain (mine ist for dadabase.de), unless you’re hosting different blogs/people on subdomains, or you’re beeing hosted on a service like wordpress.com. In this case I would register it for myblogname.wordpress.com or blogprovider.com/myblogname.

    I will release a fix that [wp-geotrack-topreferrers]-bug soon, this occurs only after installation, when you have no referrers.

    22.08.2006 @ 11:07

  39. Ed

    Yes, I did get it work late last night around 2:30 AM CST.I am a tired puppy today. Great work on the plugin! I have another site that uses google maps (http://www.worldvistaviews.com) and I may try to add some new features to the WordPress plugin. Would you be interestd in having me share those back to you?



    22.08.2006 @ 18:23

  40. Ed

    I made some modifications to the plugin to retun information to a google popup window. Just roll over any of the yellow points on the map to see the flag, time accessed, city, country, and a zoom in and zoom out link.

    Give it a try….



    23.08.2006 @ 18:31

  41. Johannes

    Yeah, great, I thought about implementing something like that, but I didn’t have the time yet…

    Thanks! :-)

    23.08.2006 @ 18:37

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    24.08.2006 @ 11:55

  43. Laurent

    hey Ed, (re: post 39),

    -can you detail exactly what you did to finally get the map displayed?

    I’m having the same prob.

    Johannes, the new ver of the plugin does fix the: ‚for each(), line 383′ error.
    But I’m still wrestling with the googlemap.

    I’m pretty sure my API key is registered properly, etc, as I can see the code for the map in the page.

    Any ideas would be most useful, thanks.

    26.08.2006 @ 02:34

  44. Ed

    I think I disabled the plugin, then enabled it again. I also swithed my theme to a different one, then switched it back.

    Also, remove all other tags from the page and just have the map tag. See if that works.

    Are you getting any kind of error or just the map not showing up.

    Shoot me a link if you can.



    26.08.2006 @ 07:59

  45. Laurent


    Thanks for the reply.

    Nope, no errors, and I’m pretty sure it’s calling the google service to retrieve the map-info, etc.

    I’ve scanned the page source, and all the code for the map is there, no errors generated, etc.

    I did: also try the deactivate the plugin, switch themes, etc, previously.

    No go.

    Will post a link to the page shortly.


    27.08.2006 @ 02:17

  46. Ed

    Do you have your Google Map key set to the directory you have your code it? Not below it in a sub directory. I had problems when I had it that way.



    27.08.2006 @ 04:20

  47. Laurent


    No, I have my key set for the top-level of domain.

    So: for http://www.domain.com instead of http://www.domain.com/subdir.
    My site (wordpress install) is called from the top-level of the dir, so I set the key for the overal domain.

    You had a problem with it, the other way around? Setting the key for a subdir?

    27.08.2006 @ 20:45

  48. Ed

    Mine did not work with the key at http://www.husar.us . I have to have it at http://www.husar.us/blog.

    That is not an issue with this plugin but the was the key works with the domain. As far as I know anyway….

    Here is what google says….

    The Google Maps API lets you embed Google Maps in your own web pages. A single Maps API key is valid for a single \“directory\“ on your web server, so if you sign up for the URL http://www.mygooglemapssite.com/mysite, the key you get will be good for all URLs in the http://www.mygooglemapssite.com/mysite/ directory.

    I hope this helps.


    28.08.2006 @ 19:20

  49. Laurent


    Thanks, trying that now.

    Currently the format is: http://www.my-blog-address.com/2006/08/28/test
    I’ll be testing with http://www.my-blog-address.com/test

    Will report details.

    29.08.2006 @ 04:58

  50. Stef


    I’ve just uploaded the files to the plugins dir and activated it and when trying to configure in options->WP-Geotrack plugin I get this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: geoip_open() in /home/c*******d/public_html/ca/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack.php on line 44

    and on all blog pages this red error line:

    GeoLiteCity.dat needs to be installed at /home/c*******d/public_html/ca/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack/GeoLiteCity.

    I suppose it might be an issue with the path since I have a „www“ instead of „public_html“.

    Any idea how to fix this?

    Many thanks

    30.08.2006 @ 04:00

  51. Ed

    You need to download the GoeLiteCity.dat file. You should be able to get it from here…



    30.08.2006 @ 04:06

  52. topgan1

    I have installed the plugin here : http://topgan1.omgwipe.gr/?page_id=22
    but as it seems it only displays a grey map. The google key is right (double checked that). Also I dont get any error messages at my blog or when configuring the plugin via the admin panel.

    any ideas? thnx :)

    06.09.2006 @ 04:22

  53. Johannes

    topgan1, it looks like your HTML is broken:
    Validator Link

    Google maps have a tendency not to load if your surrounding HTML is broken in Firefox and Opera, and your map works in IE.

    06.09.2006 @ 10:18

  54. Ed

    The HTML does look to be broken since your side bar is not loading correctly. It is below the main content area.

    I also see you copied my window code. Your issue might be from that since your popup window are not loading correctly either.

    06.09.2006 @ 16:53

  55. My Bloody Great Nutshell » Blog Archive » 28 Wordpress 2 Plugins that I favour

    […] WP/GeoTrack Authors Description: This plugin will allow you to keep track of every hit on your public WordPress site (note that it does not track admin activity) My overview: This gives you a sweet interface where you can see where people are in the world who visit your site. You can see my site’s setup here. If I remember rightly it was a bit of a pain til I spent some time with it because it kept telling me my key was a duplicate so make sure you actually spend some time reading the instructions carefully. […]

    06.09.2006 @ 16:54

  56. topgan1

    hi ed and johannes, thank you for replying.
    I managed to Tentatively Validate „XHTML 1.0 Transitional“ my hope page (http://topgan1.omgwipe.gr/), by fixing some tags at the sidebar, but the problem remains at the Map page (http://topgan1.omgwipe.gr/?page_id=22). As it seems the validation errors come from the google map code Validator page

    Ed, I just installed the plugin and created a new Page and entered this text:

    Here you can see the visitors of this blog and where they come from

    06.09.2006 @ 18:11

  57. MrAnderson

    I can’t make it work. I can see Google Maps controls, but the map itself does not display, the Recent Visits works really fine… awesome plugin… some help for making the map work OK, the API it’s well installed.

    06.09.2006 @ 22:01

  58. topgan1

    hi again, as it seems me and MrAnderson are having the same kind of problem. His page here is just showing a grey map with googlemap controls but not the exact map. Maybe it has to do something with the html that the plugin parses to the browser.

    06.09.2006 @ 23:11

  59. Ed

    I had the same issue when I first installed the plugin. Try to disable the plugin and then enable it.



    07.09.2006 @ 06:11

  60. topgan1

    I already tried deactivating the plugin and activating it again from the admin panel if you mean this, but it didn’t get better.

    07.09.2006 @ 06:20

  61. MrAnderson

    Sorry… no change… still a grey map zone…

    07.09.2006 @ 06:27

  62. Ed

    What are your defaul lat and long settings? The map is loading since you have the map controls. It looks like the map can’t load the lat and long you have set. Did you change those at all from the default?


    07.09.2006 @ 07:32

  63. MrAnderson

    Zooming in the Map at Satellite mode I get the „We dont’t have images for this zone at this zoom factor“ message… maybe it’s something related with the css or the theme I’m using?? Going to try changing to the default WordPress Theme…

    07.09.2006 @ 08:45

  64. MrAnderson

    It’s a theme problem… I’m using K2, but with default theme it works OK… maybe it’s related to CSS??

    07.09.2006 @ 08:48

  65. topgan1

    I’m using a mixed version of K2 theme too. I guess the problem is on the CSS maybe. Ed, do you have any other ideas in mind?

    07.09.2006 @ 14:17

  66. Ed

    I will download K2 tonight and give it a try. Maybe I can see something that is causing the issue.

    07.09.2006 @ 16:01

  67. MrAnderson

    It will be a great help Ed… I know nothing about CSS

    08.09.2006 @ 00:03

  68. Ed

    I can’t find the K3 theme. Can someone point me to it?

    08.09.2006 @ 22:31

  69. Ed

    Sorry, K2 not K3.


    08.09.2006 @ 22:34

  70. Johannes

    I think it’s this one?


    08.09.2006 @ 22:44

  71. MrAnderson

    Well I’m using K2 Beta R162, but I’ve tested K2 0.9.1 too and it’s the same problem…

    09.09.2006 @ 03:22

  72. MrAnderson

    Sorry I mean R167

    09.09.2006 @ 03:23

  73. Stef

    How could I change the time/date of the visit to a diferent timezone?


    15.09.2006 @ 20:18

  74. Fliege

    Yesterday I get the plugin working. In Internet Explorer it works fine, since I have put the width variable from percent to 480 px or something like that.
    I also put a „ins“-tag in line 245. I don’t really know why i have done that but it works and now it shows me that it is validate to xhtml. IE now don’t make the map larger than it should be.

    In Firefox there are white boxes by the markers on the map…
    Also in the left where you can scale the map there is some white where you should see-through.
    Can anybody help me with that problem?


    Sorry for my bad english but i think more people here understand english than german.

    Thanks, Fliege

    17.09.2006 @ 12:42

  75. hoangvd

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function geoip_open() in /mnt/w0610/d41/s14/b027fe92/www/kienviet/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack.php on line 44
    The text above appeared when I go to Option >WP-Geotrack Plugin
    and in all posts there is a paragraph: GeoLiteCity.dat needs to be installed at /mnt/w0610/d41/s14/b027fe92/www/kienviet/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack/GeoLiteCity.dat!
    Is there one can help me solve thoses.
    Thanks in advance

    19.09.2006 @ 10:28

  76. MrAnderson

    It means you have to download GeoLiteCity.dat and install it

    You can download it HERE. Greetings

    20.09.2006 @ 00:07

  77. Johannes

    hoangvd, I’m currently examinig the „undefined function geoip_open()“-bug. I hope to find the reason soon…

    22.09.2006 @ 01:26

  78. Rhythm Collision wordpress : ?????Wordpress?Plugins

    […] WordPress?????????????CMS???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Blog??????????????????????????Wordpress???????????????Mp3 Player?Wordpress????????????Ajax??????????????????????????????????? http://www.1pixelout.net/code/audio-player-wordpress-plugin/ MP3 Player?Wordpress?????????? http://www.twistermc.com/blog/2006/04/07/chicklet-creator-wordpress-plugin ?????????????? http://geoffhutchison.net/blog/archives/2005/03/22/wp-gallery-032/ ?????????????? http://www.phoneblogz.com/api/wordpress.php ?????????Wordpress?Blog??????????? http://www.lynk.de/wordpress/flashfader/ Flash Slide show?????????? http://dadabase.de/weblog/archives/2006/05/23/wordpress-geotrack-plugin ?????????????????Geo????? http://www.giannim.com/blog/index.php?page_id=13#page-blog WordPress?AJAX?????????? http://ganymede.lamost.org/wp/2006/07/19/wordpress_plugin_ajax_random_images/ Ajax???????????????????????? WordPress Plugins […]

    30.09.2006 @ 00:49

  79. IP-Geolocation Widgets at The Gong Show

    […] Anyone have any luck getting the WordPress GeoTrack widget to work?  I love the idea of letting people see where my users are from.  I think location is an interesting dynamic in the dialogue that occurs on blogs.  Where someone is from very often informs their opinions. […]

    22.10.2006 @ 20:44

  80. David

    Does anyone know how to get this to work on a per post level? I believe right now it tracks sitewide, but I need to get this work on a per post level. Any ideas?

    23.10.2006 @ 02:44

  81. xosr

    it’s working very well for me,
    i will to try to make it work via google Earth in future.

    Cheers and respect for author.

    25.10.2006 @ 09:20

  82. Thomas

    Bei mir gibt es leider das gleiche Problem wie bei Scott (33). Ich habe Worpress 2.0.4 installiert und wollte dieses coole plugin ausprobieren. Nur ging nach dem aktivieren des plugins nichts mehr. Auch der Versuch mit

    ini_set(’error_reporting’, E_ALL);
    ini_set(’display_errors’, true);

    in der index.php von wordpress hat bei mir nichts angezeigt.

    was kann ich noch machen?

    25.10.2006 @ 21:21

  83. Konrad Florczak

    And I had the similar problem Ed had : 383 error

    Therefore I just added
    [wp-geotrack-googlemap] to my page.

    You can see the result here : http://konflor.free.fr/?page_id=258

    The weird thing is i have geomashup plugin installed and it works perfecly well
    see here : http://konflor.free.fr/?page_id=182

    Another woring point, despite all is OK with my SQL database (4 tables created) on all Dashboard pages I have this displayed on the bottom

    Warning: Unknown(): open(/mnt/101/sdb/c/8/konflor/sessions/sess_88dcf390839b66e61af9d901c23359d8, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in Unknown on line 0

    Warning: Unknown(): Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/mnt/101/sdb/c/8/konflor/sessions) in Unknown on line 0

    Is someone could help me out on that one, I would really be grateful.

    31.10.2006 @ 19:45

  84. The WordPress Podcast · Episode 6: Akismet rumors, lots of new and updated plug-ins, listener mail

    […] Use the Geotrack plug-in to plot your visitors on Google Maps. […]

    02.11.2006 @ 14:04

  85. Robert

    Hi everybody…

    I’ve some problems with that great plugin I think: It doesn’t shows the flags and the signs (crosses or whatever) in the map ….
    Does anybody know why?

    My Page


    leider funktioniert das tolle Plugin bei mir nich soo ganz, denk ich: die Flaggen werden nicht angezeigt (FF) bzw. es wird angezeigt, dass Bild sei nicht vorhanden (IE) – es liegt aber dort.
    Außerdem zeigt er keine Markierungen im dem Google-Maps-Fenster an (keine Kreuze). Muss ich dazu noch irgendwas einstellen?

    Der Link zu der Seite: HIER

    Ich hoffe, jemand kann mir helfen.


    Best regards

    04.11.2006 @ 10:45

  86. Robert

    Ok … habs grad selber hinbekommen. War doch nen falsches Verzeichnis für die Bilder eingetragen. In der geotrack.php steht gleich irgendwo am Anfang:

    DEFINE(‚GEOTRACK_PATH‘, ABSPATH.’wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack/‘);

    wo man ggf. den genauen Pfad zu seinem Weblog (/wordpress) eintragen muss, wenn man WordPress zwar im Unterverzeichnis laufen lässt, jedoch nur über die Haupt-URL aufruft.

    Liebe Grüße

    04.11.2006 @ 15:14

  87. Carla Kay

    I managed to install the plugin and activate it. But when I go to the Plugin Configuration Page, it’s just blank. The page doesn’t display.

    I’ve check permissions on the page and they appear to be fine. Can anyone shed some light on what’s going on?

    It looks like such a great plugin, I’d love to get it working.


    05.11.2006 @ 04:49

  88. Carla Kay

    I fixed my problem (No Plugin Cofiguration Page display).

    I went through my list of plugins and shut them off one by one.

    I believe that when I shut off the flickr gallery plugin, my problem went away. Not sure as it’s getting late…. but I believe that one did the trick.

    05.11.2006 @ 05:37

  89. Carla Kay

    This is such a great plugin. I just have one last bug to fix before it’s working.

    I created a WordPress page following the instructions. My map shows up great, but for some reason my CSS isn’t picked up. I created other pages and they don’t pick up my CSS either — so it’s my setup, not the plugin.

    WordPress Page Example

    To fix this, I created a separate template with the „echo“ statements. This looks great, but my „Recent Visitors“ list is only displaying visitors that have an external referrer only. I do not have this feature selected in my Geo-Tracker admin, so I don’t know why it’s doing this.

    I went through the code and commented out any reference to „External Referrer Only“. I also tried to put in dummy referrers for visitors with none, and neither of these worked.

    My question is:
    1. How can I get my CSS working on a WordPress Page?
    2. How can I get the full list to display on my template page?


    05.11.2006 @ 22:09

  90. Carla Kay White // Journal

    […] I’ve spent my weekend recovering from pneumonia and working on WordPress Geo-Tracker plugin. It’s a great feature tracks where my visitors are from around the globe. I love it. […]

    05.11.2006 @ 22:33

  91. Matthias Fantastic Fan

    cooler shit.

    07.11.2006 @ 23:22

  92. murmish

    Hi! erstmal vielen Dank für das tole PlugIn! Das funktioniert bei mir soweit auhc ganz gut, nur leider habe ich zwei Probleme:
    1. Ich habe im WP eine extra Seite angelegt, auf der die Karte dargestellt werden sollte. Es kommt zwar kein Fehler, aber die Map ist trotzdem nicht zu sehen. Wenn ich die Map jedoch in einem post auf der Hauptseite darstelle, klappt es.
    2. Ich hatte früher eine selbsgeschriebene Seite mit einem ziemlich zugespammten Gästebuch. nun kommen 99% aller visits mit der addresse des alten gästebuches im referrer. Wie kann ich mein altes Gaestbuch in die blacklist für referrer eintragen??

    11.11.2006 @ 20:45

  93. david

    I want to use your plug in but I get a blank page when I activate the plugin. I tried doing what the previous post (#87) said, but nothing works. I checked permissions (file and database). I’m using WordPress 2.0.5. I tried another Geo positioning plugin and got the same error. I’m wondering if it has to do with the location database? Or maybe has to do with WordPress 2.0.5? Any tips would help. Thanks!

    17.11.2006 @ 04:38

  94. Robert

    Is there any possibility to disable this feature Ed mentioned in Comment 40?

    Gibts ne Möglichkeit das Feature, was Ed im Kommentar 40 erwähnt hat zu deaktivieren?

    Vielen Dank!

    17.11.2006 @ 12:48

  95. alex2308′ blog » WP-Geotrack

    […] if you’re experiencing problems installing WP/GeoTrack WordPress Plugin like i did and you get a list of errors beginning like […]

    24.11.2006 @ 23:55

  96. overflood

    Ein sehr interessantes Gegenstück zu GAnalytics… nur schade um Ganalytics, dass es alles so SEO-Technisch katastrophal ist :)

    07.12.2006 @ 22:26

  97. visualex.blog » Blog Archiv » GEO-Tracking nach IP-Adressen für Jederman

    […] Für die einfache Integration dieses Services in WordPress ist das Plugin WP GeoTrack von Johannes Lietz erhältlich. Einmal eingebunden und konfiguriert läßt es sich mit einfachen Tags in Beiträge oder separaten Seiten integrieren, oder mit speziellen PHP-Funktionen auch direkt in das eigene Template. […]

    11.12.2006 @ 00:59

  98. Arndt


    did anyone succeed in solving the problem, which arises with the google map of geotrack when working in a K2-theme? I have the same problem and, unfortunately, the discussion about this problem ends abruptly with comment 72…

    20.12.2006 @ 07:48

  99. Rodolfo Pilas » Blog Archive » La Google Maps API

    […] Después me topé con el plugin WordPress-Geotrack que puedes ver funcionando en la página “Desde dónde nos visitan” […]

    04.01.2007 @ 15:41

  100. eddie-brown.co.uk blog - my place on the web » Ego Map

    […] The plug in is WordPress Geotrack Plugin. I had problems installing it. I had error’s from the off, even in the admin pages. This was not good. But was fixed when I realised that it needs a database from MaxMind GeoLite City which it will download itself, if only i could have got to the admin pages! […]

    19.01.2007 @ 00:17

  101. robert

    This plugin needs work badly. Why didn’t you test your plugin before going through all the effort of making it public? Trying to install it gets you into a loop of Bad Things, as described in comment 100.


    Warning: fopen(/var/www/wikimap/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack/GeoLiteCity.dat): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/www/wikimap/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack/geoip.inc.php on line 320

    after creating an empty and fully writable GeoLiteCity.dat:

    Fatal error: error traversing database – perhaps it is corrupt? in /var/www/wikimap/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack/geoip.inc.php on line 418

    Ok, I guess the database info should be in the dat-file, but where do I get that? (don’t tell me it’s through the admin-pages….)

    The demo seems nice, so please take the effort of putting in a check like ‚if database-name exists, do all the stuff, else do nothing‘ or around your entire plugin a function that checks for a variable set in wp_options and is changeble in admin-pages,that should be 1 (a power button).


    19.01.2007 @ 18:41

  102. robert

    or AT LEAST update the installation instructions in the meantime.

    Step 2 should be:

    Download the latest GeoLite City Binary Format database at http://www.maxmind.com/app/geolitecity and put it in the wp_geotrack directory.

    19.01.2007 @ 18:51

  103. Ed

    I have to say that it did not take me very long to get it work. Works great for me.


    20.01.2007 @ 00:20

  104. GeoIP Wordpress Plugin » NeuroMemories

    […] La Home Page del plugin è questa: WP GeoIP […]

    20.01.2007 @ 13:37

  105. robert

    You are right, Ed. It’s great once you’ve got it to work. it’s just that plugins that break wp are horrible, but testing is a bit boring, I guess. Thanks for the plugin, but try to do something about the installation :-).

    22.01.2007 @ 04:52

  106. The Advanced Soul

    Got it to work after uploading the Dat file. I was able to change the map type to Hybrid which took a while. Open wp_geotrack.php and search for setmaptype.

    You’ll find //map.setMapType(G_HYBRID_TYPE);

    Remove the „//“, then cut and paste it below the map.setCenter line which is 5 spaces down. When done it should look like this:

    map = new GMap2(document.getElementById(„google-map“));
    map.addControl(new GLargeMapControl());
    map.addControl(new GOverviewMapControl());
    map.addControl(new GMapTypeControl());
    map.addControl(new GScaleControl());
    map.setCenter(new GLatLng(‚.$gt_options[‚gt_google_map_lat‘].‘,‘.$gt_options[‚gt_google_map_long‘].‘), ‚.$gt_options[‚gt_google_map_scale‘].‘);

    Change HYBRID to SATELLITE if desired.

    31.01.2007 @ 16:49

  107. Dario

    I’ve added new flags to your plugin, you can check it out at:

    08.02.2007 @ 16:29

  108. Alexjqpsy

    Hello, my name is Alex, i’m a newbie here. I really do like your resource and really interested in things you discuss here, also would like to enter your community, hope it is possible:-) Cya around, best regards, Alex!

    11.02.2007 @ 01:50

  109. David

    Hi all!
    I have a small problem with the plugin
    All the images „over“ the map are not transparent (location marker, scale, google logo, location popup) and the map does not function in hybrid mode (it appear white)

    You can see it in a demo site in http://www.david.aero/wp

    Thank you in advance

    17.02.2007 @ 19:25

  110. MiszterX

    Hi, this is a great plugin!

    I’m use k2 theme, and i created a page where i copyed the [wp-geotrack-googlemap] tag. When i watch the wordpress page, i would see the other tags work fine, but the google map didn’t load. I saw the sources, and a saw the site generated the javascripts. The javascripts i copyed and paste a blank html file, and i saw it. The google map was correct!!

    So could you search the problem and fix to i use the plugin with k2 wordpress? Thank you!

    18.02.2007 @ 20:39

  111. Robert Buzink

    MiszterX: maybe you should (also) post this problem on the k2 development-site and link to there from here

    19.02.2007 @ 00:00

  112. Carl Topham

    This is amazing. I got it setup and running easily in 20 mins and worked straight off.
    Does anyone have any tutorials or tips on how to customise where the map will start. Mine centeres on the equator and the GMT line. I notice that the example focuses on Europe. What and where would I need to change to get my map to do the same.
    Does the plugin track every user to the site or does it just track to the page? What do i need to my pages add to get starts from my whole site?

    Thank you and thank you again:)


    21.02.2007 @ 14:08

  113. Carl Topham

    Nevermind. I actually read the options better and realise there was an option for map centering :$
    still need to know about the user tracking tho.


    21.02.2007 @ 14:15

  114. Bestes Blog - Trendvisor » Blog Archive » Geotrack Wordpress Plugin

    […] habe ich gesucht und viele verschiedene Plugins erfolglos ausprobiert. Nun habe ich das WordPress Geotrack Plugin installiert und das scheint sauber zu […]

    22.02.2007 @ 13:51

  115. fabioB

    Great work! Thanks a lot :-)
    I’ve just one question.
    See my geourl page


    and note that map open on Africa while visit are from Italy???
    I’ve no change anything, just install plugin follow your guide.
    Can you help me?

    25.02.2007 @ 17:50

  116. fabioB

    Ok, I’m dumb, sorry. Next time I’ll give a look ti Option Panel, before post stupid question. Sorry :-(
    One more time, great work. Congratulation!

    25.02.2007 @ 18:20

  117. Nomadi e Bit » GeoUrl

    […] del Web 2.0 mi sono installato il Geotrack Plugin di Johannes Lietz. In pratica permette di rappresentare su una mappa di Google la provenienza dei […]

    25.02.2007 @ 18:25

  118. DADAbase.de » Greetings to Finland!

    […] I’ve been really lazy in continuing to develop and support my WordPress-Geo-Plugin, but a few days ago I received a very first postcard from someone who followed my […]

    28.02.2007 @ 20:47

  119. guruPhil

    The plugin is great… But.. I don’t host my website in the same timezone that i live in. The plugin uses the server’s native timezone and there doesn’t appear to be any fix for this..
    All my timestamps are therefore wrong.. Please consider implementing a solution!

    03.03.2007 @ 16:29

  120. Duong Nguyen

    First I have to say your plugin helps me alot in keep tracking visitors to my website. However, I have a small problem. I’m using another plugin that uses Google Analytics. Of course I’m the only one who uses in admin panel and everytime I check on this plugin, Geotrack lets me know my IP is a suspicious spam address and I have to remove. Is there any help to stop this from happening again? Thanks in advance.

    04.03.2007 @ 07:10

  121. ApogeoEditore » GEO Track:: Un blog fatto da persone che fanno libri... e molto altro

    […] Powered by MaxMind GeoLite City and WordPress Geotrack Plugin. Powered by MaxMind GeoLite City e WordPress Geotrack Plugin. […]

    09.03.2007 @ 17:34

  122. Martin

    Thanks for the Plugin. Martin

    11.03.2007 @ 22:31

  123. Entti

    Really nice plugin for WordPress! I’m using it with K2 based theme. Had to edit .css files but now it’s working beautifully!


    19.03.2007 @ 13:24

  124. Alex

    Das Plugin sieht wirklich sehr vielversprechend aus! :-D

    Daraufhin habe ich es mal gleich installiert.
    Leider wird die Karte nicht angezeigt, egal ob ich den API-Key für die Domain oder das Unterverzeichnis angebe!

    Was mache ich falsch?

    Grüße, Alex

    23.03.2007 @ 22:59

  125. peter graf

    Kann man das plugin innerhalb von templates nutzen? Also daß z.B. deutsche andere werbung im template sehen?

    24.03.2007 @ 23:43

  126. Webdeluxe » Blog Archive » Neues Geo-Plugin

    […] // “ + p.city + „, “ + p.country + „, “ + p.access_time + „Zoom In | Zoom Out“; //alert(htmlme); GEvent.addListener(marker, „mouseover“, function() { marker.openInfoWindowHtml(htmlme); }); GEvent.addListener(marker, „mouseout“, function() { marker.closeInfoWindow(); }); return marker; } function load_googlemaps() { if (!GBrowserIsCompatible()) return; map = new GMap2(document.getElementById(„google-map“)); //map.setMapType(G_HYBRID_TYPE); map.addControl(new GLargeMapControl()); map.addControl(new GOverviewMapControl()); map.addControl(new GMapTypeControl()); map.addControl(new GScaleControl()); map.setCenter(new GLatLng(0,0), 4); var bounds = map.getBounds(); var icon = new GIcon(); icon.image = „http://www.webdeluxe.org/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack/img/marker.png“; icon.shadow = „http://www.webdeluxe.org/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack/img/marker_shadow.png“; icon.iconSize = new GSize(21, 22); icon.shadowSize = new GSize(21, 22); icon.iconAnchor = new GPoint(9, 10); icon.infoWindowAnchor = new GPoint(5, 1); for (var i = 0; i < points.length; i++) { var p = points[i]; var marker = createMarker(p, icon); map.addOverlay(marker); } delete points; } function addLoadEvent(func) { var oldonload = window.onload; if (typeof window.onload != „function“) { window.onload = func; } else { window.onload = function() { oldonload(); func(); } } } function addUnloadEvent(func) { var oldonunload = window.onunload; if (typeof window.onunload != „function“) { window.onunload = func; } else { window.onunload = function() { oldonunload(); func(); } } } addLoadEvent(load_googlemaps); addUnloadEvent(GUnload); //]]> Powered by MaxMind GeoLite City and WordPress Geotrack Plugin. […]

    30.03.2007 @ 22:19

  127. Westis.net » Blog Archive » Visitor map

    […] If you’re interested in putting one in your site as well, you can find the plugin here. […]

    02.04.2007 @ 10:03

  128. Ivana

    vielen Dank für das tole PlugIn.

    10.04.2007 @ 23:30

  129. MacBros

    Doung Nguyen, I have the same problems. What you need to do it use phpMyAdmin and go into the table wp_geotrack_exclude and brows the keyword that was in the URL that Geo claims you’re spaming from and remove it.

    I think it’ll be awhile before all the keywords are deleted when it comes to my blog. LOL

    11.04.2007 @ 17:47

  130. Tom

    Great work! Thanks a lot

    11.04.2007 @ 21:09

  131. dr who

    GeoTrack plugin breaks latest WP2.1.3 and WPG2 (latest version): when enabled, clicking WPG2’s „WPG“ button in the post editor, just result in an empty web page to be displayed instead of WPG2 interface for selecting an image from the embedded gallery2 server. once disabled, the WPG2 interface works again.

    12.04.2007 @ 00:45

  132. ..: CRISTIAN ESLAVA | Diseño Gráfico / Web | Maquetación | Flash | Multimedia | 3D | Fotografía :.. » Plugins para Wordpress

    […] WP/GeoTrack Authors Description: This plugin will allow you to keep track of every hit on your public WordPress site (note that it does not track admin activity) My overview: This gives you a sweet interface where you can see where people are in the world who visit your site. If I remember rightly it was a bit of a pain til I spent some time with it because it kept telling me my key was a duplicate so make sure you actually spend some time reading the instructions carefully. I’ve since removed this since it’s external operations were so slow it was killing my page load time. […]

    12.04.2007 @ 23:36

  133. Fabricio

    Dear friend,

    I would like to give a sugestion that is almost a claim. The database used by you has a variable that indicates the region/state, like done with cities and countries data.

    Would it be so hard for you to implement region/state detection? I think it would colaborate a lot with the plugin fucntionality, since the accuracy for region/state is pretty better than for cities (specially if talking about outside USA).

    Could you aford that? Can you answer me in my e-mail about it?

    I thank you very very much.

    Best regards,


    06.05.2007 @ 06:58

  134. Francisco


    I have a
    -WP 2.1.3 and
    -K2 0.95-RC1 and
    -WP-Geotrack 2.0.2 (installed in a template page).
    (check it The Artist’s Studio)

    What´s happen:
    -After I login and activate the plugin everything seems to work fine (in a simple page the map, only the map, don’t work; in a template page everything seems run perfectly: congratulation!!!). Then,
    -when I click to sign out a warning appear:
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /***/***/***/***/wordpress21/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack.php:102) in /***/***/***/***/wordpress21/wp-login.php on line 12
    wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 325
    wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 326
    wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 327
    wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 328
    wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 275

    My solution:
    -Click the ‚back‘ button in the browser and deactivate the Plugin :( (now it’s deactivated)

    Your solution:
    -Please: any ideas, any clue, any solution

    07.05.2007 @ 11:10

  135. Affenheimtheater: Weekend World Tour 2007 | Affenheimtheater | blog.affenheimtheater.de

    […] um 21:02 Uhr in Weltweites, Affiges Ich habe übers Wochenende mal aus Neugierde ein Plugin namens WordPress Geotrack (bei Skipper’s World gefunden) mitlaufen lassen, mit dem sich die IP Adressen der Besucher […]

    07.05.2007 @ 21:23

  136. CodeBudo » Blog Archive » IP Geo-location

    […] no secret that this is possible and there are projects available to make this process very easy, but I just don’t see it used very often. Why? Is […]

    10.05.2007 @ 01:35

  137. Synsee Growing step by step » Wordpress Geotrack plugin

    […] I’m kind of a geek… Sad but true :p I added this WordPress Geotrack plugin. This plugin let you know who your visitors are coming from, based on the IP information. It is […]

    10.05.2007 @ 13:20

  138. Joshua

    When I install this plugin when my blog is installed in a subdirectory, not the root of my domain, none of the flag pictures show up. I’ve verified this on multiple domains. Any ideas on where to hack the php?

    13.05.2007 @ 05:17

  139. Roman

    Wenn ich meine Seite mit der Karte starte kommt als erstes immer Afrika. Ich bin aber aus der Schweiz ! Wie kann das geändert werden ?

    18.05.2007 @ 00:48

  140. Francisco

    About the comment 134:

    Now its working here:


    19.05.2007 @ 02:53

  141. Rolando

    I couldn’t activate the plugin. It told me there was a fatal error after I click on ‚Activate‘. Any ideas? I’m on WP 2.2

    24.05.2007 @ 07:30

  142. Harry


    ein grossartiges Plugin! Ich habe das immer mit WordPress V2 benutzt gehabt. Heute allerdings auf die Version 2.2 aufgerüstet und musste feststellen, dass sich das Plugin nicht mehr aktivieren lässt (auch ein update des Plufins auf 2.0.2 hat nicht geholfen). Sobald ich es aktivieren will, kommt eine Meldung bei WordPress: „Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error“

    Ist das Problem bekannt oder gar schon Abhilfe vorhanden?


    24.05.2007 @ 22:51

  143. www.lighthugger.de - Harrys sinnbefreite Seite » Kleine Problemchen mit der Technik

    […] Schritt gewagt und prompt sich ein paar Problemchen mit zwei Plugins eingehandelt. myGallery und WP/GeoTrack zicken noch etwas rum, mal sehen wann die Seite wieder voll funktionstüchtig […]

    24.05.2007 @ 23:41

  144. Trendvisor Designlab Focus » Geotrack Wordpress Plugin

    […] Lange habe ich gesucht und viele verschiedene Plugins erfolglos ausprobiert. Nun habe ich das WordPress Geotrack Plugin installiert und das scheint sauber zu […]

    28.05.2007 @ 15:16

  145. MrAnderson

    @Entti: How you solved the K2 problem with this awesome plugin??

    29.05.2007 @ 18:25

  146. bluto

    is there any way to disable a few ip addresses from showing up in the list?

    30.05.2007 @ 00:19

  147. Johannes

    @bluto: you can insert the ip addresses into the database (with PhpMyAdmin or whatever) like this:

    INSERT INTO `wp_geotrack_ipblock` (`ip`, `counter`, `referrer`, `blocked`) VALUES (‚<ip address>‘, ‚0‘, “, ‚1‘);

    <ip address> has to be replaced by the ip of course. The ips won’t be logged then and won’t show up.

    30.05.2007 @ 00:54

  148. Geotracking - das-bloggt.de

    […] Und schon wieder ein nettes Plugin gefunden: WP/Geotrack von Johannes Lietz […]

    01.06.2007 @ 18:57

  149. DocProc

    Hallo Johannes,

    zuerst mal dickes Danke für die Arbeit, die Du in das Plugin gesteckt hast! hab aber leider ein Problem mit dem Layout in der Ansicht mit dem IE (FireFox und Opera kein Problem): und zwar ziehts mir die eigentlich mittig angeordnete Seite mit dem IE komplett nach links, in den andern Browsern bleibt alles wie gewohnt… schalte ich das WP/GeoTrack Plugin aus, ist auch mit dem IE alles wieder mittig… selbst der alte Trick, die gesamte Seite in eine einfeldrige Tabelle zu packen und diese zu zentrieren funktioniert nicht… hab erhlich gesagt keine Idee mehr… Du vielleicht??

    Danke im Voraus und Grüße aus MUC

    02.06.2007 @ 11:41

  150. DocProc

    und gleich das nächste problem (grad durch zufall bemerkt…):
    bekomme jetzt beim rss2 feed der posts (nicht beim feed für die comments?) folgende fehlermeldung:
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /homepages/1/d13548315/htdocs/blog/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack.php:102) in /homepages/1/d13548315/htdocs/blog/wp-rss2.php on line 8
    im übrigen auch dann (genau dieselbe fehlermeldung) wenn ich das plugin deaktiviert oder gar deinstalliert habe…
    hilfe ;(

    03.06.2007 @ 03:16

  151. DocProc

    Nachtrag: dass es nicht geht, wenn das plugin deinstalliert/deaktiviert ist, liegt am browser-cache… fakt ist leider, dass es mit aktiviertem plugin einen header-fehler gibt… und die suche nach der berühmt berüchtigten leerstelle hab ich erfolglos durchgeführt… ?

    03.06.2007 @ 03:33

  152. pompini

    sono eccitato circa questo luogo, buon lavoro!:)

    05.06.2007 @ 20:55

  153. bluto

    hi again :-)
    is it possible to get the plugin to list the ip addresses of visitors also?

    06.06.2007 @ 18:23

  154. zephirnl

    this looks like a great plugin, but I’m afraid it doen’t work correctly for me. I have it here: http://mffonline.com/geomap/ using a post with the following tags:

    I do not see any markings, though there is information in the map. Also the fags do not display as flags but as text.

    I did just discover that at first I didnt have the geo.php plugin installed (now its installed), could that hava anything to do with it?

    11.06.2007 @ 11:59

  155. Diego


    This is a great plugin! Thank you for your great work, I will post on it on my blog. I had a similar plugin in http://www.secretia.com, but I think I’ll change it.



    14.06.2007 @ 12:15

  156. ogeeBloggin’ » Weitere ?nderungen am Blog

    […] Stolz bin ich auf die Map, die die letzten Besucher anzeigt. Realisiert mit dem super Plugin “Wordpress Geotrack” des D?sseldorf Bloggerkollegen Johannes Lietz. L?sst sich ganz einfach installieren und […]

    21.06.2007 @ 01:35

  157. Francisco

    Check if you have inside the „wp_geotrack“ folder
    the folders named „img“ and „flags“
    and inside this folders
    the flags and the markers files.

    Like this:


    Check my HERE YOU ARE! page

    If you like and want my marker just copy this 2 files to you [img] folder.

    I hope it helps you!

    21.06.2007 @ 15:10

  158. zephirnl

    Francisco, thanks for your reply. I have the files:

    for example:

    Could it have something to do with wordpress being in a separate folder from my site? site @ http://mffonline.com/ wordpress in http://mffonline.com/wordpress


    21.06.2007 @ 15:23

  159. Francisco


    Hummm… I supose GeoTrack plugin just looks inside [wp-geotrack] folder… but… I’m not sure.
    Sorry :(

    21.06.2007 @ 16:46

  160. Elena

    Hi, thank you for your effort!
    Ich have a question did exist a chance to make a IP Locate form, with a function to locate a IP. Like this: http://www.seomoz.org/ip2loc
    Thank you in advance!!


    23.06.2007 @ 18:09

  161. Delphine

    Hi Johannes,
    Great plugin – I’ve had the disappearing map issue and it appeared it was a bug caused by a country name („country“ field in the database) having a comma in it (Moldova, Republic
    The map worked initially then disappeared. After some digging & debugging, I renamed the „Moldova, Republic of“ records in the database to „Moldova republic“ and the map reappeared.
    If you could fix that, it would be great!!!

    30.06.2007 @ 08:01

  162. WP Plugins DB » Plugin Details » WP/GeoTrack

    […] Visit […]

    30.06.2007 @ 12:57

  163. Niyeerck

    bondage bdsm sites models


    01.07.2007 @ 08:06

  164. Paul

    bondage bdsm sites models


    01.07.2007 @ 09:46

  165. swannivision

    I would like to install this amazing plugin to my wordpress. However, after I uploaded all the files to /wp-content/plugins, the blog displays the following error message even I haven’t activate it, could you let me know how I can fix it? thanks so much!

    Warning: main(/home/disk1/www.swannivision.com/blog/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack/geoipcity.inc.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/disk1/www.swannivision.com/blog/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack/wp_geotrack.php on line 83

    04.07.2007 @ 05:46

  166. :: swannivision :: » WP Plugin - Geotrack

    […] WordPress Geotrack Plugin: http://dadabase.de/weblog/archives/2006/05/23/wordpress-geotrack-plugin […]

    06.07.2007 @ 06:02

  167. cool wordpress plugin wp-geotrack (with my litte php modification) » SERPland

    […] you’re a WordPress Blogger: Try to install the wp-geotrack plugin. It’s cool, man! Visual tracking your sites visitors without any work to […]

    10.07.2007 @ 09:08

  168. Geographische Visitor-Herkunft - das-bloggt.de

    […] mein Versuch, die geographische Herkunft der Besucher von das-bloggt.de mit dem Geotracking Plugin von Johannes Lietz anzuzeigen, leider daran gescheitert ist, dass das Plugin meinen RSS-Feed […]

    16.07.2007 @ 05:08

  169. Emilio

    Hi, great plugin, but now I can’t get it working, I get a white hole where the plugin is supossed to be… I had this problem in the past associated to bad names in country field, I’ve looked for bad names with the ‚ character, but now I don’t have that names, but the problem still happens…
    Any idea?
    You can see my site to check the problem at (the map is after the YouTube video):

    17.07.2007 @ 08:37

  170. Earl

    Same problem as Emilio described here. I just see a white hole instead of the map.

    17.07.2007 @ 20:51

  171. soulnice » Blog Archive » geoTrack

    […] geoTrack plugins, ??? blog ?????????????, ????, ???? Google […]

    18.07.2007 @ 03:11

  172. Inmates Are Running Asylum » Blog Archive » The best analytics plugin I ever seen: Geotrack Plugin (2.0.2)

    […] I found a great wordpress plugin today: […]

    23.07.2007 @ 18:19

  173. Besuchermap

    […] Umsetzung erfolgt über das Geotrack Plugin von DATAbase und MaxMind GeoLite […]

    02.08.2007 @ 13:17

  174. Vic

    This is a great plugin. This type of is priceless for the new kid on the block.



    03.08.2007 @ 07:41

  175. Harry

    Hatte mich bereits vorher schon mal gemeldet gehabt. Ein tolles Plugin, dass ich sehr gerne in meiner Seite einsetze. Allerdings moechte ich inzwischen wirklich auf WordPress 2.2.x umsteigen. Immer wenn ich dort versuche Geotrack zu aktivieren, bekomme ich von WordPress diese Meldung: „Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.“. Irgendwelche Ideen dazu? Wuerde mich ueber Hilfestellung freuen!

    03.08.2007 @ 11:18

  176. Thorsten Meyer


    I did install this fine tool this afternoon after figuring out how to deal with the database and locations.

    I do see already good results from all over the world and hopefully this tool benefits the user who visit my side http://www.strongmocha.com



    05.08.2007 @ 18:04

  177. Justin Foster

    Love the tool, and I seem to have to working OK. But two things….

    1. I do not seem to get any markers on my google map? It shows the map, and the list shows the location, but no marker.

    2. Also, how can I get the ip address to show up in the list?

    Thanks…my geo page is at http://timandjustin.com/?page_id=32

    06.08.2007 @ 01:47

  178. Robert Buzink

    Hi Justin,

    You forgot to upload the images that are part of the plugin or they do not have the right file-permissions (755, all: read). http://timandjustin.com/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack/img/marker.png should show a marker-image.


    06.08.2007 @ 09:27

  179. Justin Foster

    thanks for the comment….that actually was not the problem but it did help me realize that since my wordpress site is in a different location, I needed to edit the path definition here:

    DEFINE(‚GEOTRACK_URL‘, get_bloginfo(‚siteurl‘).’/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack/‘);

    by adding the „/wordpress“. The installation of the plug in did not pick this up.




    06.08.2007 @ 16:53

  180. ::??::???::?:: » Blog Archive » Wordpress Geotrack Plugin - ??????

    […] ???wordpress?????????????referral?????????basoo.com?referral????????????????timeout????????????? ?????????????????????????????????~~????????????????????????????????????????google?yahoo????????????????????…. ???????? 1.????????? 2.??????????? (wp_geotrack) ???? (wp_geotrack.php) ????????????????( wp-content/plugins ) 3.?????????????????????????????????????25-50MB??????????????????????????????http://www.example.com/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack/update_db.php??????????wordpress???????????????????????????????”Update OK, ?? Finished.” 4.???????????????????? 5.????????*.dat????? wp_geotrack???? ( /path_to_your_wordpress_installation/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack/GeoLiteCity.dat ) 6.??wp_geotrack.php???????????????????????Google Map API ????????????Goole Mao API ????????????Google???? 7.????? 8.???????????????? [ wp-geotrack-list ] – ?????????? | [ wp-geotrack-googlemap ] – ??Google Map ??????????? Demo?? […]

    08.08.2007 @ 06:57

  181. mikel

    Congrats for this great work, really cool plugin


    work fine, but the
    doesnt appear, even i have the api key correctly saved for the site.
    i installed he plugin yestarday, maybe i have to wait the map to be displayed?


    08.08.2007 @ 14:57

  182. mikel

    sorry, this is the website http://www.inq-mag.com/geotrack

    09.08.2007 @ 11:49

  183. Thorsten Meyer


    I have the issue since a few days that the pop-up window is disapearing as soon I want to click it. This happens in different browser and different PC so its not realted to a local setting. Does anyone know who I can get back a stable pop-up windows that can be clicked?




    11.08.2007 @ 06:54

  184. Thorsten Meyer

    Has anyone found new way to display the information using the geodata information? I started a thread on CGTalk : http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=59&t=525964
    on this but not much feedback yet.




    11.08.2007 @ 10:42

  185. Thorsten Meyer

    I found a strange issue when I save config changes in the plugin „Gregarious“ which can be found at http://dev.lipidity.com/feature/wp-plugin-gregarious
    I get the error „Catchable fatal error: Object of class geoiprecord could not be converted to string in /www/htdocs/w008c763/blog/wp-includes/formatting.php on line 587″

    Turning off the „geotrack“ solves the issue. I wonder why the geotrack plugin is causing an issue when you change a other plugin setting. Any idea?



    16.08.2007 @ 07:28

  186. Kim

    I have the WP/GeoTrack which seem to work fine, until I try to login to my blog then I get the following messages

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/****/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack.php:102) in /home/hardiab1/public_html/blog/wp-login.php on line 12

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/****/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack.php:102) in /home/user/public_html/blog/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 331

    Any ideas on how to sort this out?

    20.08.2007 @ 11:47

  187. Nora

    Hi Johannes,

    WP/GeoTrack ist einfach genial. Ich könnte mir meine Seite ohne gar nicht mehr vorstellen. Jetzt habe ich seit langer Zeit endlich mal wieder auf deine Seite geschaut und die Top-10 Listen gesehen. Soetwas hatte mir seit Anfang an noch gefehlt. GENIAL!!!! Nur eine Frage bleibt: Wie kommen die Besucherzahlen zustande? Was genau wird da gezählt?

    Ich bin gespannt auf die Antwort.

    viele Grüße aus Shanghai,

    31.08.2007 @ 08:49

  188. Alan


    I am having a nightmare here trying to get the Google map to display!

    I have tried change coordinates, deactivating the plugin, playing with XHML and testing different API keys … If anyone know of a solution then great, the problems are at: http://www.alanwho.com/advertise

    http://www.alanwho.com/advertise is not showing the map in firefox …

    04.09.2007 @ 18:06

  189. jameswillisisthebest

    This is my first post
    just saying HI

    08.09.2007 @ 22:26

  190. Dave

    for windows servers the update not work…. so in update_db.php replace

    shell_exec('gunzip -f '.$gz);


    shell_exec('gunzip -f '.$gz);
    $gze = str_replace("\\", '\\\\', dirname(__FILE__)) . '\\\\gunzip.exe';
    if (file_exists($gze)) {
    shell_exec( $gze. ' -f '.$gz);
    echo 'Get Windows gunzip.exe from http://www.gzip.org/';

    and increase script 'max_execution_time' by placing at top of update_db.php file

    ini_set('max_execution_time', 6600);

    way up to allow a download of ~17mb otherwise the script will fail ontime out

    02.10.2007 @ 17:04

  191. editor

    I got no problem during installation and apparently it works fine, but saving (or updating) my posts now I receive this error:

    Someone has any suggestions?

    04.10.2007 @ 20:09

  192. editor

    For some reasons my last comment was cut… I write it again.

    I got no problem during installation and apparently it works fine, but saving (or updating) my posts now I receive this error:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 12582912 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 148 bytes) in /web/htdocs/[SITEURL]/home/wp-includes/template-functions-links.php on line 80

    Someone has any suggestions?

    04.10.2007 @ 20:16

  193. Diplaying Top 10 visitors IP addresses? What has this world come to? » Blogging India

    […] for something like mybloglog? Or display the countries from which the last 10 visitors were from (Geotrack […]

    09.10.2007 @ 11:04

  194. Christoph´s Laufblog » Mettmann ist überall

    […] Lietz hat ein hervorragendes, kleines WordPress Plugin geschaffen, das zusammen mitGoogle Maps die IP Adressen der eingehenden Besucher geografisch […]

    12.10.2007 @ 05:55

  195. Robert Buzink

    plugin returns error on line below. Caused by comma in country?

    addP(47.0056,28.8575,’Chisinau‘,’moldova_republic_of‘,’04.10.2007 18:18′,’Moldova, Republic

    13.10.2007 @ 22:24

  196. Gary Walsh

    If your WordPress installation is in a subdirectory of your website, you need to change each instance of get_bloginfo(‚siteurl‘) with get_bloginfo(‚wpurl‘) in wp_geotrack.php so that geotrack will correctly locate the flags and img subdirectories.

    14.10.2007 @ 00:29

  197. bLuefRogX

    This is actually pretty useful, thanks. I would absolutely love a heatmap feature if this is possible

    11.11.2007 @ 04:53

  198. Kim

    I really like this plugin but I have had to disable it as it is stopping traffic to my site. Visitor kept getting the following error message:

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/****/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack.php:102) in /home/****/public_html/blog/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 391

    Is there any solution to this problem??

    12.11.2007 @ 14:07

  199. jack

    Hi there, problem with this wild map:

    The geo-track list works fine regardless of the list length setting, but the map disappears when I set the list length over 40 locations to be displayed.
    I don’t get any errors, just a blank space where the map is supposed to be.

    If I set the list length <=40 the map displays correctly.

    any thoughts?

    16.11.2007 @ 03:39

  200. Hennes

    Mal einfach so installiert, und siehe da, es läuft auch noch ohne probleme! Klasse hab schon lange keine Plugin’s für WP drauf gemacht, deins läuft schon mal.. Dankeschön

    22.11.2007 @ 14:31

  201. Surveiller Les Statistiques de WordPress en Temps Reel avec WassUp et WP-Geotrack Plugins

    […] WP-Geotrack est presque la même chose que WassUp, la seule différence c’est qu’il est affiché publiquement et non pas dans le panneau d’administration de WordPress et il a besoin de ce fichier “GeoLiteCity.dat” que vous pouvez le télécharger ici (celui-ci doit être envoyer dans le dossier “wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack”). […]

    02.12.2007 @ 20:46

  202. eddie

    Hi mate,

    I absolutely love this plugin, but please tell me the function to detect city of commenter on comment area, and where i can place it!


    13.12.2007 @ 07:48

  203. axal

    i get error message after click „Install/Update MySQL Database Tables“, look like „WordPress database error: [You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near “ at line 1]
    DELETE FROM wp_geotrack_exclude` WHERE str = “

    please tell me how to resolve this problem !

    13.12.2007 @ 08:50

  204. axal

    sorry, i’m running wordpress 2.3.1

    13.12.2007 @ 08:54

  205. Converse

    thanks for this great tool!

    16.12.2007 @ 18:40

  206. stanch


    axal, in just a little while, i will released a wordpress plugin to translate commenters’s ip address to their city and country. so, please always monitoring my blog @ http://aufklarung.org

    18.12.2007 @ 12:21

  207. WP-SuperBlog.com » Blog Archive » Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress

    […] if you?re experiencing problems installing WP/GeoTrack WordPress Plugin like i did ….. cool wordpress plugin wp-geotrack (with my litte php modification) … More Blog Resources […]

    20.01.2008 @ 10:53

  208. WP-SuperBlog.com » Blog Archive » Permalink Redirect WordPress Plugin | FuCoder.com

    […] DADAbase.de ? WordPress Geotrack Plugin (2.0.2)Upload sideblog.php to your wordpress? plugin directory. … Blogging Pro China ? WordPress Plugin: Sideblog on November 4th, 2005 … […]

    20.01.2008 @ 10:56

  209. Misko

    great, funny and useful plugin! Thanx!

    I have one question: how can I block a spam website from showing its web address in „referrer“?

    Some bustards uses this plugin to leave a link to some „website“ that actually is direct link to activate download of some .exe file – probably virus.
    I don’t know their IP address? It’s maybe not permanent IP address they use?

    What can I do to prevent such links to show? Can I put such web addresses in some blacklist?



    21.01.2008 @ 08:15

  210. Dave

    @misko I just comment out the line starting..

    $str .= ‚<br />Referrer: <a href=

    in file wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack.php
    not elegant but effective

    22.01.2008 @ 02:04

  211. Jay Smith

    After upgrading to WordPress 2.3.3 my site started getting very sluggish and finally stopped responding all together. After several hateful emails to my hosting company I took up the trouble shooting on my own. I found I could get to the wp-login.php, and the wp-admin screens so I started looking around. I finaly started deactivating plugins, and after deactivating this one my site came back to life.

    I do not believe the current version 2.0.2 does not work with WordPress 2.3.3. Have you tested with WP 2.3.3?

    20.02.2008 @ 03:58

  212. Liste de Plugins Indispensables Pour WordPress

    […] WP-GeoTrack : Afficher et tracker des liens Referrer, situation géographique de vos visiteurs avec Google Map, et lister des articles les plus consutés. […]

    01.03.2008 @ 23:39

  213. Gahori

    This is my fav Plugin!!

    I had a problem with it too and I followed comment 196’s suggestions. Thanks Gary!

    10.03.2008 @ 01:54

  214. Wordpress Geotrack Plugin (2.0.2)

    […] DADAbase.de » WordPress Geotrack Plugin (2.0.2) Uncategorized […]

    21.03.2008 @ 00:52

  215. Jürgen

    Today I ran into a problem with the WP Geotrack Map not showing up anymore on my website. Turned out it had to do with a weird Javascript formatting error creating the array of map locations.

    I had a visitor from ‚Chisinau‘ which is in the ‚Moldova, Republic of‘. Unfortunately the string ‚Moldova, Republic of‘ contains a NewLine char between ‚Republic‘ and ‚of‘ which makes it’s way into the javascript and breaks the string literal there.

    Should be easy to fix filtering for NewLine chars before outputting the javascript.

    31.03.2008 @ 10:36

  216. Steven

    I can confirm the Moldova problem. When it displays, the map won’t and if I remove that entry from the display, the map shows up fine.

    26.04.2008 @ 17:37

  217. Steven

    The problem also occurs with Korea, Republic of

    30.04.2008 @ 19:20

  218. Steven

    Upgraded to your Subversion version. It fixes the comma problem. Thank you!

    Can you consider a way to turn off the IP SPAM alerts? I use the map and not the list of referers. So, even if the links are spammy, they are not getting free advertising on my site.

    01.05.2008 @ 15:30

  219. infiniteproject

    seems not working with wp 2.5.1 (database tables definitely empty.)

    12.05.2008 @ 10:31

  220. Jandry

    I got the same problem as Konrad with session (comment 83) :

    Warning: Unknown(): open(/mnt/101/sdb/c/8/konflor/sessions/sess_88dcf390839b66e61af9d901c23359d8, O_RDWR) failed: No such file or directory (2) in Unknown on line 0

    Warning: Unknown(): Failed to write session data (files). Please verify that the current setting of session.save_path is correct (/mnt/101/sdb/c/8/konflor/sessions) in Unknown on line 0

    The solution is to create a folder named „sessions“ in the root directory of your blog

    17.05.2008 @ 08:16

  221. Josh

    Is there any limit to the number of entries stored in the database?
    I used the plugin wp-guestmap but had to disable since my shared hosting provider almost cancelled my account. The CPU went over the roof (+50%) since hte database table for guestmap had grown to be 8mb in size with 20,000 + entries.

    I’m trying the geotrack plugin but i don’t want the same thing to happen.
    Also, are there any alternative „pins“ for the map? the green crosses look weird and not very visible.


    21.05.2008 @ 01:23

  222. eremit

    Hi! First of all — this is really a great plugin and I love it. Unfortunately I’ve got a small problem: my map doesn’t show anymore. I’ve thought the comma bug mentioned above might be the cause for it. So I checked geotrack out from subversion. But it didn’t help. I’ve got an JavaScript error, directly from my firebug:

    a is null
    function Ih(a){var b;while(b=a.firstChild){Hh(b);a.removeChild(b)}}

    It’s seems that ‚a‘ is missing, but why? Has anybody an idea where I can take look?

    Thanks in advance.


    04.07.2008 @ 20:44

  223. eremit

    Hi all!
    Regarding to my last comment — I’ve solved the problem. The issue is not caused by the GeoTrack Plugin, but by the xLanguage Plugin which I used for translating the list captions like ‚Besucher‘ -> ‚Visitors‘. I stored the GeoTrack as normal page with the default page template like this:

    [lang_de]Top Seiten[/lang_de][lang_en]Top Sites[/lang_en]
    [lang_de]Top Referrer[/lang_de][lang_en]Top Referrers[/lang_en]

    The ‚lang_‘ tags are from xLanguage, and they (or actually the parsing of the) are the cause why the Map explodes (xLanguage manipulates several functions like e.b. the_content()).

    So the solution is to create a separate page template for the GeoTrack page, and use the PHP version for fetching the GeoTrack-Data directly within the page template instead of the tags.

    Hope this helps someone.


    09.07.2008 @ 17:22

  224. online shopping

    This plugin is incredibly helpful in letting you see where most of your visitors come from. It’s also interesting when you see a visitor from some majorly exotic country. I always wonder, though, if that was a real person or a bot of some sort coming to do something ugly on my site. It would be weird for someone from a place like China or Saudi Arabia to come visit my site – I mean, I don’t even know how they would find it.

    24.07.2008 @ 08:12

  225. geotracker

    […] […]

    24.07.2008 @ 22:56

  226. ?????wpmu 2.6 | ?blog???

    […] ???????????????????????????plugin?WP/GeoTrack????????log??????????????deactive?????? ???????????mysql???????????? Related Posts????blog??:RobertMao.com??????????blog??:RobertMao.com. ???????????????…????wordpress?wpmu 1.5.1, ??spam??????????????????????????????? ???…??blog??WPMU(WordPress Multi Users)?blog????, ???????WPMU???????… […]

    28.07.2008 @ 21:40

  227. This really works | ... coding (the life)

    […] are really doing their part – visiting other site so that others visit yours, nice!!! I have setup GeoTrack plugin for wordpress to track my recent visitors, and indeed, I have quite a number of referers coming […]

    30.07.2008 @ 02:54

  228. Dave

    If anyone is interested i have this working on 2.5.6 and have hacked it a bit to allow…

    1. Admin Panel TextField for space delimited array of IP-address to allow Ignoring an IP address so no skewing Results eg with your own Visits etc

    2. In-file Edit to Allow the use of any map ICON and ShadowICON, It could be turned into an Admin Panel option but would require file uploading also and this i felt was a little over the top for this little part of the Plugin! YOMBD

    3. Admin Panel Checkbox option to Remove Display of referers except to logged in admin to counteract Referer Spam

    4. also added an entry into .httaccess file with rewrite to block all the new skewing that microsoft is doing with it’s 100(0)’s of spurious daily referrals from livesearch LIVSOP or QBHP
    RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} ^65\.55\.(109|110|165|232) [OR]
    RewriteCond %{REMOTE_ADDR} ^131\.107\.0\.9[56]
    RewriteRule .* – [F]

    5. Also rewrote the geocities database updater to work with Windows Servers running apache.

    6. Recreated all the flags to be of equal width, height and resolution for better display

    7. Edited the strings file to stop the PHP errors for some countries visits…

    possibly some other edits I have forgotten but I am Very Happy with it now!

    11.08.2008 @ 05:32

  229. Teenager

    „Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /***/***/***/***/wordpress21/wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack.php:102) in /***/***/***/***/wordpress21/wp-login.php on line 12″
    php in fastcgi mode ?

    21.08.2008 @ 22:43

  230. CID

    Hi there,

    The plugin looks great and I would like to use it. However, you state that the plugin has been tested up to WP 2.1 … That’s a while back and since 2.3 and 2.5 a lot has changed so I recon it doesn’t work with 2.6.1 …? Any plans of getting the plugin up to speed with the current WP version? Would be great!

    Thanks for your reply!


    05.09.2008 @ 14:28

  231. denis

    Thank you for the great plug-in; I have a problem with it though: it used to show the google map, but it does not anymore.

    I reinstalled it, but it still refuses to mesh the map with the server data and the geo database. Can you help me, please! What do you think has happened?

    06.09.2008 @ 04:17

  232. Dave

    It works well om WP v2.6.0 havent tried .1 or .2 but they didnt change much

    16.09.2008 @ 12:06

  233. denis

    Dave, what could be the problem? It worked well, but stopped working for some reason (I did not add any plug-ins, so the configuration of my WP did not change).

    I then upgraded WP to the latest version, reinstalled Geotrack, but it still does not show the map.

    Have a look here http://www.onefootprint.com/whartonlauder

    17.09.2008 @ 02:15

  234. Dave

    @Denis all I got was a 404 page with that link… if its ok with the Author, Johannes, I provide a link to my edits for you to use if you would like to try them…

    20.09.2008 @ 03:07

  235. denis

    Whoops – my mistake. Of course you’d get an error message – the link should be http://www.onefootprint.com/lauderwharton/

    And I would like to have a look at your edits if it is OK w/Johannes

    20.09.2008 @ 19:49

  236. Dave - Tweed Treadly

    @denis, I have posted a solution at your blog link… your problem is with the geominds inc script getting line breaks in the strings and when a visitor from the country comes along from that country it breaks the javascript and kills the google map
    solution : remove any linebreaks from within the strings in the $GEOIP_COUNTRY_NAMES array of countries etc

    21.09.2008 @ 00:33

  237. ktolis

    Perfect plugin.. though some additions required I guess :)

    I host on Dreamhost and the log timestamp is that of the server (UTC-7). I need to echo the results though at my timezone (UTC+3).. it would be great to have one of the following options:
    1) (easy one I guess) sync with the wordpress blog timezone as stated on the general tab
    2) (hard one) sync with the user setting… (if the user logged in)

    and something else now.. if you use a multilanguage plugin you can’t use 1 google-maps api key. you need to work around this somehow.. I just started using one (xLanguage) and now I need some way to fix this.. The thing is the map key is stored centrally and not at the place you echo the map js..

    thanks for any reply in advance and keep up the great work Johannes!

    28.09.2008 @ 08:42

  238. Carsten Giesen

    klasse Plugin. Ich habe bis jetzt WP guestmap genutzt, aber da geht es wohl nicht weiter :(
    Dort gab es aber eine paar schöne Funktionen, die ich in Deinem Tool noch vermisse, bzw. schätzen würde:
    – In Abhängigkeit der Besucher pro Stadt wurde der Marker in einer anderen Farbe dargestellt.
    – Die Marker werden in Teilen dargestellt.Nicht alleauf einmal, sondern in Blöcken von X Markern auf der Seite ergänzt.

    Beispiel: http://www.giesen-familie.info/claudia/blog/?page_id=2319



    06.10.2008 @ 10:23

  239. Mom hates this Blog » Fucking Script Kiddies

    […] this was targeted at my GeoTrack page, I just decided to turn it off. While I would have liked to have kept it up, the plugin […]

    18.10.2008 @ 12:32

  240. Dave

    @mum hates this Blog.
    I don’t think this is actually attacking your script! but your site in general… as you say just a script kiddy looking for easy prey!

    Though I must admit, as you say, it seems that this plugin project has been abandoned by Johannes, and that it was quite a while ago…

    22.10.2008 @ 22:45

  241. Christian Nelson

    Thanks for this nice plugin! Love it! Had some problems like many that the map won’t show! My simple soluton is to drop all wp_geotrack* tables in MySql. I promise that this will work for you with problems! before you delete erase anything in you MySql BACKUP YOUR DATABASE!!! Good Luck!

    24.10.2008 @ 03:43

  242. Dave

    new location to dat files


    30.11.2008 @ 13:46

  243. Tambah Plugin Geotrack

    […] ternyata nemu nih website namanya dadabase.de dan isinya tentang plugin kaya map gitu deh. Nama pluginnya wordpress Geotrack Plugin langsung […]

    02.12.2008 @ 07:56

  244. Chris

    Hello, I’d like to display the user’s city in my post,
    how could I achieve this?

    WordPress posts don’t accept extra php so I can’t use any inside my posts.

    12.01.2009 @ 10:40

  245. Seniorita

    Supre! I’ll do similar postt in own blog

    22.01.2009 @ 11:34

  246. kookimebux

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    01.02.2009 @ 20:02

  247. Promotional Products

    I cant make this plugin work. Theres a mysql error when i tried to install it. Please kindly help…


    17.02.2009 @ 03:25

  248. Rina

    Where can I find more dat about this topic, excxept dadabase.de?

    17.02.2009 @ 12:24

  249. Wil

    What about browser and OS stats? Is that feature coming any time soon?

    22.03.2009 @ 15:55

  250. Artifetot

    ?????? ? ????? ????????? ???? ? ???????? ? ???? ??????? ?????? ? ? ?? ??????.(? ?????? ?????? ?? ???? ??????? ????????? 4 ??????? (?????????????) ?? ??????:

    1 — ?????, ???????? ?? ???? ???????, ??? ?????? ?????? ?????????? ???????? ??????????? ???? ? ????????? ??? ?? ????? ??????????;

    2 — ??????? — ?????? ??????, ????????????? ? ?????????? ?? ??? ?????? ?? ??????? ?????????????? ??????????? ?? ??????? ????; ??? ?????? ?????????????

    15.04.2009 @ 11:19

  251. Robot

    I have installed this plugin and have not been able to get it working.

    I get a 404 error after I click on the „Update Options“ button in the wp_geotrack settings page: „/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=wp_geotrack.php“

    Any idea what this could be? All of the files are in the proper folders. /wp-content/plugins/wp_geotrack.php has been CHMOD to 755

    10.06.2009 @ 23:25

  252. Robot

    I forgot to mention – Your plugin is v2.0.2, WP is v2.7.1, MySQL is v5.0, php is v5.2.9

    10.06.2009 @ 23:34

  253. Denis

    You might want to assign write privileges to WP through your website’s back end like cPanel. CHMOD 755 is for the file itself, but can WP write on your server? The mistake could be linked to just that: I am pretty sure I had the same problem, and I had to talk to my hosting provider.

    11.06.2009 @ 18:22

  254. LoneShark

    So after the recent reinstall of the plugin my map was missing after a few hits to the site. I followed Christian Nelson’s advice in post #241 and deleted all the geotrack database tables and the map has started to reappear. Unfortunately after a few hits to the site the map disappears again.

    Any ideas of how to fix this issue for good?

    15.06.2009 @ 18:18

  255. Denis

    @ LoneShark

    Check the error log in Firefox, and see which location is causing the problem. For a while hits from Chisinau, Moldova were killing the plug-in on my site. It seems to be working alright now as GeoLite people have obviously edited their database.

    So if that is the problem, go to MySQL and delete the rows in the Geotrack’s database that are related to the troubled IP addresses killing your plug-in.

    13.07.2009 @ 05:34

  256. Todd

    Hi, thank you for the plugin. I an using wordpress 2.8.2 running on Centos 5.2. The plugin is working fine, I only have a small issue which is annoying. The popup in the map looks like its white text on a white background, so I cant see the name of the city, only the flag.

    I confirmed it is an issue with the theme I am using as if I change the theme I can see the text. But I cant seem to see which font/style it is using so I can change it in my css for the theme I use. Can anyoen shed any light on this ??


    27.07.2009 @ 16:15

  257. Kartenkunde, GPS, Routen verfolgung und einiges mehr « Muckels Tagebuch

    […] WordPress Geotrack Plugin […]

    01.09.2009 @ 22:46

  258. Quickie Visitors Country WP Plugin | ... coding (the life)

    […] plugin is dependent on WP/GeoTrack by Johannes Lietz, this is NOT a stand-alone plugin, it won’t work if […]

    27.10.2009 @ 03:15

  259. Dave


    Installed the plugin; everything went fine. Love it. Displays fine on the ‚Visitors & Locations‘ page, however, after some time (4-5 hrs.), the number of visits causes the map to disappear for some reason. If I empty the tables, all is well again. Obviously, this is not an acceptable fix.

    Site is: davewolf.net (Click on ‚Visitors & Locations‘ page)

    I’m wondering if anyone else has seen this behavior and has some way to easily fix or correct it.

    Please comment or feel free to email me (admin that is).


    — Dave

    25.02.2010 @ 15:52

  260. Bernd Eichinger

    wow, nice plugin

    helped me a lot

    thanksssssss !!!

    23.04.2010 @ 14:31

  261. Another day, another plugin · A Mind @ Play

    […] WP/GeoTrack – Neat little plugin which provides the output shown on the Visitors page. […]

    03.05.2010 @ 11:52

  262. Bill Bird

    These instructions just might have well have been written in German. Perhaps they should have been — cause I might have understood them.

    Der Johannes, do you perchance have instructions for idiots like myself? I’m proud to admit that yes, indeed, I am an idiot.

    I’d love to have this app on the blog though.

    I need something simple though like:

    1. Get source code here.
    2. Copy source code.
    3. Paste Source code here and name application
    4. Pour yourself a stiff gin drink.

    The gin instructions are especially important Johannes.


    17.06.2010 @ 14:23

  263. Wordpress: Blog – Besucher auf Google Map anzeigen | blogbox.ch

    […] dem “WordPress Geotrack Plugin” kannst Du Dir  die Herkunft der Besucher  auf Deinem Blog anzeigen lassen. Hier auf meinem […]

    20.06.2010 @ 19:43

  264. MusicAl

    The plugin looks great, Thanks for your efforts. Is this plugin compatible to WordPress 3.0?

    16.07.2010 @ 14:35

  265. Bloggeotagging: be spatially enabled blogger | sharkofagus

    […] Mulai dari tracking lokasi asal pengunjung dan memvisualisasikannya dalam peta: IP City Cluster, WordPress Geotrack, WP GuestMap, Visitors Map Generator, ClustrMaps, Whos Amung Us; menampilkan GoogleMaps di dalam […]

    17.09.2010 @ 12:56

  266. wingman

    The plugin works really well. I have it installed on version 3.0.1. Issue so far:

    1)unable to install the Geo Ip database so I had to manually upload it

    2)When checking for „plugin update“ I am getting an „error“

    Keep up the good work!

    26.10.2010 @ 21:25

  267. Windy Stlawrence

    Been looking at doing site optimization and improving the web design on my site for a long time, so this post has been very useful. Easy read also, so thank you!

    12.12.2010 @ 21:40

  268. Webdesign Kassel

    Hello, im looking for any updates of this plugin, can you help me please?

    29.04.2011 @ 08:02

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